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Do you ever sit there wishing you could just send an e mail to someone who would give you the answer you’re looking for almost straight away ?

Do you ever wish you could run your ideas by someone and get their expert feedback ?

Whether you need advice on your business strategy, how to use Ping, customising the background on your Twitter page or you want to bounce ideas for your marketing strategy or business vision – we can help.

You can buy 30 minutes, a bank of hours, a monthly support package or a Get it done package. You can even buy a virtual Get it done day if you really want to get things accomplished fast. 

Read on for all the details:


When you want to just send an email and get an answer or maybe in some cases you need me to call you and discuss something then a bank of hours could be perfect for you.

30 minutes – $45

60 minutes – $90

Block of 4 hours – $320 (must be used within 90 days of purchase)



This package is ideal if you want to accomplish something specific and be sure that within a deignated time period it gets done. This might be a complete makeover of your marketing strategy; getting you all set up and running on social media; writing and analysing questionnaires to understand what your target customers want or writing an e-book.

The Get it done package comprises:

6 x 60 minute sessions – these could be by phone or webinar depending on what you want to achieve.

Email access between calls

Resources and guides

Cost: $1,300


If you have something you want to get done and get done as soon as possible then why not go for the virtual get it done day? If you can afford it, then this package could be just the thing if you want to get all set up and running on social media; write and set up on Survey Monkey a questionnaire to understand what your target customers want; develop your marketing strategy; write your first e -book.

Your investment: $1, 800

In addition to the viritual day you also get:

2 x 60 minute follow phone calls.

e mail access for the following 2 months.

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