Honesty is not lucrative…

by Gillian Pritchett on July 22, 2008

… or is it ?

I bumped into a former colleague in town today and in response to his question about what I was up to I said not a lot as I had exited a mandate where there was a conflict of interest. He commented: “I admire your honesty but its not exactly lucrative is it ?”. No but…. three buts…. as someone once said “My reputation is all I have and I must not damage it” and as the maxim goes “Honesty pays” – this client will come back to me and indeed has just hired me for a totally different mandate – Why ? because I was so honest. And the third but… I find that when one door closes another one opens and reveals a path that is very often a far better one to travel.

I would say honesty can be potentially lucrative….

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