Research & Information Services

I’m not normally given to bragging but… I really am extremely good at researching a topic, gathering information and delivering it in a form that is easily digestible.

I am able to offer research services in most major languages as I have a team of researchers all with MBAs from leading universities. Between them they speak over 12 languages. I am personally fluent in French and English and written Spanish.

We can research a subject thoroughly and fast.

We can gather information using questionnaires; keyword searches on the internet, or trawling through documents in libraries.

We can work in many languages and can present your report in the language of your choice. We can even analyse and make sound recommendations.

My research services can help you in so many ways:

  • We can help you to better understand your current customers by gathering information about them – we can go on and analyse the information and make recommendations
  • We can help you to better understand your market and your potential customers by gathering and analysing information about them
  • We can help you decide if you want to pursue a business opportunity by thoroughly researching a market or business sector
  • We can help you find niche markets to develop for your on-line business
  • We can monitor key sites and blogs and prepare a digest of essential elements
  • We can reduce, even eliminate, your feelings of despair when you are confronted with the barrage of information assailing you each day
  • We can gather information about any topic that you need to know more about

We can be hired for ad hoc projects or you can buy banks of hours – whatever works best for you !

Option 1 – The specific project

You tell us what you need, we discuss on the phone and then we make a proposal for conducting the piece of work for you. If you accept the proposal, payment is 50% in advance and the balance on delivery of the final report. Just complete the contact form – include a phone number and we’ll get the project rolling.

Option 2 – Banks of hours

With this option you purchase a bank of hours for just research or information gathering needs – just pick the one that works best for you.

Pay as you Go

3 hours – $120

5 hours – $190

10 hours – $360

Unused hours must be used with the 90 day period following purchase.

Monthly Hour Banks

3 hours a month for 3 months – $340

5 hours a month for 3 months – $500

10 hours a month for 3 months – $970

Unused hours must be used within the 6 month period following purchase.

For more information just complete the contact form.

If you need research and analysis head on over to The Research Specialist where you can read more about our banks of hours.

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