Understanding your Market & Customers

If you want to learn more about researching your market, your competitors and your customers you are sure to find that one of my books or guides meet your needs.

My ebook Understanding your customers – a practical guide to questionnaires is a very detailed guide to using one question polls and lengthier questionnaires in order to gain a better understanding of your customers, their needs and challenges. The content is valuable for both on-line and off-line businesses.

Some of you with on-line businesses prefer to use the oone or two question poll format but it,s still important to formulate your questions in the right way and to analyse the responses. You’ll find  my book Using one-question polls to understand your customers very helpful.

I am currently working on a series of guides – you want advance notice (and a special discount) when they are published complete the contact box below. The topics are:

The Why and How of Understanding your competitors

Understanding your market

Doing market research

The Complete Guide to Understanding your Business Environment

Generating Business Ideas

Evaluating Business Ideas

The Home Study Course on Starting a Business

If you’re interested in any of these just complete the contact box with the name of the book you’re interested in and I’ll contact you as soon as I’ve completed it – and you’ll be able to have a special discounted price !

You may even find that a VIP coaching day the ideal way to learn exactly how to carry out research projects.

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