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Drawing on my extensive international experience in the business world I’ve produced various products and courses to help YOU in YOUR business. I also tell you about products created by very experienced people that I’ve used myself in my business and to help my clients.


When you ‘ve had enough of your boss, commuting to work, spending many hours of your life in a cubicle and want to start your own business or when you’ve been made redundant and there seems to be little choice but to start your own business then you may be in need to help to come up with business ideas.

We can work together to move you forward or you may prefer to use a course or a book  LEARN MORE


I  spend a lot of time explaining to people why it is so important to evaluate your business ideas – whether it’s to start a new business or expand an existing one. The statistics on business failure are alarmiingly high and you do NOT want to be one of them

If you look over to the right you will see a sign-up box for my FR*EE report on Why you should evaluate your business ideas. If you already buy in to the need to do this but need help then go to this page to LEARN MORE


If you want to learn more about researching your market, your competitors and your customers you are sure to find that one of my books or guides meets your needs. If not , then I’ve provided a list of books that  strongly recommend so it’s well worth heading over to the page where you can LEARN MORE


If there’s a market for your products/services you may need to produce a business plan to raise financing – from a bank or from a venture capitalist. In which case you will find my Short Guide to Writing your first Business Plan helpful. LEARN MORE

Even if you don’t need to raise financing you still need to plan your business.  You will find my Short Guide to Preparing your Business Roadmap a great tool. LEARN MORE


If you have evaluated your business idea, confirmed that there really is a market for you products and services, amassed the  necessary funds to get started there are still a lot of things that you need to  do. You may like to request my FR*EE checklist of all the things you need to put in place will be very helpful.  LEARN MORE


You need to plan how you will get visibility for your products/services. This is another area where I have considerable experience and expertise – heck I even teach it on various MBA programs. You will find details of everything from my Short Guide to Preparing your Marketing Plan to my detailed home study course on  Preparing your Marketing Plan plus books by toehr sepcialists that I strongly recommend.  LEARN MORE


Social media is a powerful tool for business. Don’t really believe me? – then sign up for my FR*EE teleseminar on The Power of Social Media for Business. Convinced already but need to know more ? You can DISCOVER MORE on the dedicated page that also lists books that I have found immensely useful when I was learning all about social media for business. You will also be able to sign up for advance information about my fr*ee teleseminars and my detaild webinars on how to harness the power of social media for business. Don’t forget – social media isn’t just engaging in a conversation and eventually gathering interested people aorund you and and your business so that they’ll eventually buy from you it’s also a means to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your market.


Hiring, firing and paying staff; Getting paid; Finding suppliers; Negotiating skills and so on and so on

Lots of information on all aspects of running a business can be found on a dedicated page – Running your business.

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