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Well, for starters there’s my FR*EE guide on Why you should Evaluate Business Ideas – if you look to your right you’ll see the sign up box. Go don’t be shy – it won’t hurt and I won’t spam you but you will get a very helpful 25-page guide to why you should evaluate your business ideas.

Then…  there’s my free mini-series on The Power of Social Media for Business which you can get if you visit and sign up in the box at the top of the right hand column.

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Below are links to some blogs that you will find very helpful to you.

Chris Brogan is not only a top blogger writing about blogging but he writes about other stuff too and his posts are well worth reeading.

Mari Smith is not called the pied piper of Facebook for nothing. She deserves the use of the word expert and she is very generous with the information that she shares about Facebook and social media with her peeps.

Seth Godin IS marketing.

Michael Stelzner at The Social Media Examiner is an awesome resource for things social media.

seriously worth reading blog posts by people such as Chris Brogan, Michael Martine, Seth Godin, Mari Smith.

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