People I rave about

There are some people who just make your world a better place. There are some personal friends notably Fabienne and Christine without whom my life would be poorer and my itinerant lifestyle impossible. Two artist friends – April-Anna and Titania Snoek who I’d like to introduce you to – they’re lovely ladies and talented artists.

Then there are people who my business would not be without. These are not affiliate links – this is me speaking from the heart and applauding those who enrich my life.

I have to start with Suzanne Whitby because she’s a delightful, smart and an immensely human and helpful business woman. She built my first website (GSP insights) while I flew from Canada to the UK in the hours preceding her flight from the UK to South Africa. I could have hugged her – one day I will – when we finally get to be in the same place at the same time.  Suzanne has three principal businesses – BrandYou for everything web and graphic design, Suzanne and Co for her consulting services and iConnect  for everything linked to inter-cultural communications – about which she knows a great deal. Suzanne is South African but has lived for extended periods in the UK, Austria, is currently based in Boulder, Colorado and travels extensively.

Then Jennifer Jacobs of Superior Collaborations came into my life and I would not entrust my shopping cart needs to anyone but her. She is fast and accurate and I highly recommend her. She’s skilled at a whole variety of things in fact – not just shopping carts.

I met Michael Hillsey at a workshop – he is a wonderful person with an impressive track record in sales training and coaching. He’s been a great supporter of my Idea Scan as an essential service to people thinking of starting a business or moving into new markets.  Michael works on a consultancy basis with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them with Sales Training to increase sales and productivity; Recruiting and Interviewing for companies seeking to build a workforce that reflects their philosophy and business standards and Client Attraction and Retention. If you need this kind of help hop over to Successful Pathways where Michael is waiting to meet you.

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