Ripples on the water

by Gillian Pritchett on July 28, 2010

Sometimes… when I’m waiting for a bus or train or hanging round in an airport observing people I get to thinking.

Yesterday I went for a run here in Montreal which took me round the lake in Parc Lafontaine. I decided to sit in the sun for a while and listen to my MP3.

I noticed what looked like raindrops on the lake – except it wasn’t raining. Each time some birds flew over there were even more ripples. I realised these were tiny insects moving on the water but making big ripples.

I started wondering what the marketing or business lesson might be from this.

Here they are…

… even if you are little and playing in a big pond (thinking of social media here) you can still make ripples that have an impact on other people and their businesses and their lives. Even if people make no comment it doesn’t mean they’re not observing or listening to you or taking action on what you say or the information you share.

Then I noticed that some of the ripples were really big – this was where two tiny insects were together so of course I thought about joint ventures and how two people are always stronger than just one. I’ve discovered this recently by partnering with Lelia Raynal for my upcoming social media talks in Montreal. (If you want to know more about them contact me.)

What observations do you make when you’re out and about that have a business or marketing lesson ?

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