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by Gillian Pritchett on December 25, 2011

They say you should tell your potential customers a story they can relate to, a story that makes them feel they know you and can trust you. So this means I should tell the story of how 9/11 blew my corporate career out of the water and I reinvented myself by moving into marketing and then following the sudden death of my father started an internet business which lead me into social media. Rightly or wrongly I choose not to tell this story on my websites because I think it’s all a bit sad but then others say it shows my flexibility and ability to survive when life gets tough.

But here’s an example of a story from Westjet – a Canadian airline – that appeared on their Facebook page at Christmas (2011):

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Pilots across the globe have reported seeing a mysterious aircraft travelling west, with nine engines and a single flashing red beacon. The aircraft appears to carry at least one free checked bag. The contents of the bag are unknown however it is emptying rapidly as the journey progresses..

All WestJet flights are expected to be impacted. Guests flying near this aircraft can expect even more in-flight joy and laughter than on a regular WestJet flight. Travellers report a desire to embrace relatives and friends on arrival

This was posted on their Westjet Facebook page

What stories do you tell in your business ? What stories have you read that you want to share here ?

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