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Eventually this will be a standalone website especially for ladies starting their own business or needing help with an existing business but at the moment it’s a special welcome page for you on my main site to tell you a little bit about me and how I can help you.

I know there are many ladies out there who have always wanted to have their own business but are struggling to get started; others who perhaps have to work from home because of family commitments or maybe a redundancy  means that you now have to create your own source of income.

I’ve been working with people from various parts of the world over the past few years to get them started in business or growing an existing business. I also teach on the MBA program at one of North America’s top business schools.  Before that I had a successful, international business career. Why did I give it up ? Because I have a widowed mum living in Europe and I need to combine extended periods of time with her and earning a living – the corporate world unfortunately does not make this possible.  I’m sure many of you can relate to that. 

You can read a lot more about me here...but …..before you go …..here’s some information about the services that I can provide:

Generating business ideas – if you need to start your own business but are struggling to come up with ideas – I can help.

Evaluating business ideas – having a great business idea is one thing but you need to find out if there is a market for it and if the business will be financially viable. We can work on these things together or I can do the evaluation for you. I’ll be honest though – it’s a lot cheaper for you if we do it together plus you really get a sense of ownership of your project.

Planning a business – I’m not just talking business plans here – which you’ll need if you want to get a bank loan or raise venture capital (and I’ll gladly take you through all the stages of producing one if you need this) – I’m also talking about setting yourself a road map to see all the steps you need to go through to make your business a reality.

Running a business – this is the practical stuff : legal and regulatory things, accounting, marketing, hiring staff, using virtual assistants, managing clients, getting paid. It’s also the mindset stuff – keeping motivated, learning from mistakes, organising your time, avoiding procrastination, not succombing to feelings of isolation etc.

Business advice services – you can buy blocks of time so that whenever you want advice or an opinion all you need to do is send off an email and you get the answer. This can save you loads of time and costly mistakes.

Coaching – coaching comes in various forms – you can buy blocks of hours; a coaching breakthrough package; a virtual one on one coaching day – whatever best meets your needs and your budget.

Helping you with Social Media – all that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn stuff – but ladies, this is vital if you a running an on-line business and a smart move if you have an off line business.

Marketing – I’m awesome at coming up with low and no cost marketing strategies both on and off line. I’ve had to build this business on a shoe string so I truly know how to get visibility with  effort and creativity but not many dollars !

Getting to grips with technology – this is all the website, WordPress, newsletters, shopping cart, audio, video stuff that I know for some of you is a real challenge.

Ready to launch business packages – I have prepared some ready made packages for coaches, service professionals, producers of information products and off-line businesses. These packages include domain name & hosting; basic website using WordPress; set up on Facebook, Twitter; a shopping cart and the other things you need to be able to make your internet debut.

Resources – books and courses – I’ve put together a  list of products, books and services that I use that I know will be of help to you in your business ventures.

Please check out the services I offer. If you need help just send a message to me telling me what you need.

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