Write Articles to get Visibility

by Gillian Pritchett on January 19, 2011

One of my strategies for getting visibility and credibility is publishing articles. The content of your articles will cover topics that you know a lot about – in my case I write about market research, using questionnaires to discover more about your market, networking, the power of social media for business.

You can include your bio, some information about your business products/services and a link to your website which enables readers to discover more about you and your services and of course brings visiters to your website. Take a look at this one of mine to see what I mean.

I always announce the title and URL of my latest article on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

You’ve probably heard the word ‘repurposing’ – this means using something you have written several times over – an article can be included in your newsletter, used as a blog post, a series of articles could be grouped together to form a free report so that people can get a taste of your style and expertise.

For those of you wondering where to publish your article here are some suggestions:

Article Dashboard
Article Alley

I hope this is of help – do leave your comments and share your views and further advice on article writing.

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